Bidding Process and ROI Reminder For @Proffit Bot Users

in steem •  8 months ago


Hello everyone ,
Just a quick reminder to all @proffit bot users on bidding process and ROI .
@proffit bot is set in such a way to reward its users with minimum of 1% ROI on every vote and if current voting round is full it will transfer your bid to the next round .
BUT , if too many bids are received (especially large ones) bot will get overwhelmed and will not be able to provide minimum ROI

Please make sure you always check bot status on prior to sending your bids .

Thank you all

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Getting roi from bidbots has been killing me lately. Breaking my back for a a couple of cents of profit. It's a casino where the house always wins.


we have our bot set to give positive ROI , just make sure you check current vote value and status at prior to sending your bid

Hey sir you did not upvot me I have been waiting from last 14 hurs I sent 0.400


Hi, what is the link you wanted to get upvote ?

What is the maximum bid suggested?


Please check for current status ...