@PROFFIT Voting Bot is Now Listed on Steem Bot Tracker !

in steem •  8 months ago

Good news for @proffit bot users ...


@proffit voting bot is now listed on https://steembottracker.com . On steem bot tracker website you can track voting bots stats and performance . Pay close attention to 'ROI Limit' column , very few voting bots offer positive Return On Investment (ROI) @proffit is one of them . If 'ROI Limit' is 'none' or negative that means you are very likely to lose your money because of the last second overbidding .

With @proffit bot you are safe , our bot is set not to accept any bids if round is full and guarantee you at least 1% of return on your investment .

Happy Bidding and Wish you All Massive Profits

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Love the ROI Limit feature , I was about to stop using bots all together just because of constantly losing money ...

Check out you outgoings. Postpromoter bot code has a delegation built in it to account2 . You should change that ASAP


I noticed that , thank you for heads up

Thank you!


Hello , you did not get upvote because link you sent is from busy.org we can upvote only links from steemit.com . Will send you refund just keep that in mind for next time ...


refund sent