What a Post Payout is Really Worth $

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Working on the current prices in USD for Steem $2.10 and SBD $11.00


A 50/50 split payment after curation works out to be approximately:

$1.00 post payout = 0.40 SBD ($4.40) and 0.23 Steem ($0.48) = $4.88 USD
$10.00 post payout = 4.0 SBD ($44.00) and 2.3 Steem ($4.80) = $48.80 USD
$100.00 post payout = 40 SBD ($440.00) and 23 Steem ($48.00) = $488.00 USD

Although the Steemit FAQ states that Curation is split 75/25 in my research it is closer to 80/20


These are just approximate figures taken with current prices which are rapidly changing on the up.

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This is really good. Thanks for sharing .

Informative post. Thanks for sharing.

but steem and sbd have a problem in withdrawl in poloniex

I have always used Bittrex, fees are higher but you get what you pay for.

good news for new users

Good information here, thanks for explaining it to prevent confusion!

I learn new things on SBD from your post...thanks a lot bro...

This is good information to know for sure, thank you! It's great to see steem is on the rise.

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