Steem High

in steem •  11 months ago

Broken through the $4.00 USD mark and still rising, can it get to $5.00, well, I am thinking $20 by the next New Year, hopefully even earlier as Steemit is gathering in popularity, $50 may even be possible!


Charts are also looking good for SBD, so much for the pegging to USD.

Looks like Steemit devs have removed the "Convert to Steem" option, as a lot of people actually lost a lot not realizing that they were only getting $1USD for SBD while the marketplace was much, much higher.


Here is to a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year from the Prime-Cleric

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More End Times Information:

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Good call on $5 PC. We just broke it! 😃

Someone is looking after us.



Steemit is blessed, the Torah Code confirms.




Must be, its gone to$6.1..euraka!!!

Obviously, also i think it will be happen, cause popularity are increase day by day, @prime-cleric

I will buy a house next to yours and invite you and your family to have dinner when I be rich via steemit

It has broken the $5.00 barrier, who knows where it will go.



It's should be $20 by the next new year even more..

I pray for your success and the success of the others as well.

Good news thank you

Incredible, Steem on!

Totally agree, let’s get those steem gainzzz 🤑😂

It was all great news until I scrolled to the bottom where it said “more end times information”. That scared me. Drank a big glass of water. Said my prayers and steemon!


lol, the end times of a corrupt system, looking forward to the New Kingdom and New Times.

Awesome, FAAANTASTIC thats what i call
making some money ! Thanx Prime Cleric :))

unimaginable lift🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

wow it is great news that it is growing in strength and a wonderful time to get buy steem

Wow! That's great how high it is rising!

The price is crazy high right now!

Yep Torah Code indicated this would grow.

Yep, Torah Code indicated that Steemit would grow drastically.

Great news as this platform is heading in a wonderful direction for the community. Happy New Years, Prime Cleric!

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