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I woke up this morning, only to see the great news circulating all over the platform i belong to, that steem has hit 1 millions user. I quickly picked up my phone and check steemit straight away and i discovered that it was true. Mehn I am just so joyous. It Wasnt a easy ride at all but with slow and steady, we actually getting there.

images (92).jpeg

One thing i know for sure is that we are going to progress more better and farer than this and together we going to moon to apex.

Incase you still doubting this are some cool things about steem

You can interact and make cool friends here

You can be a steem holder

You can earn from posting

If you are a producer, musician and others, you can definitely make use of @dsound

If you love streaming anything live, you can make use of @dlive

You love short post, while not make use of @zappl

The above mentioned are not the only benefit from the platform as they are so many ways to get things going your way here. We are one community, one body and one soul. A cry to one is a cry to all.


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