[Amazon] ZEPHYR S3 Tire Inflator Air Compressor (79.99

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  • ETENWOLF ZEPHYR S3 cordless air compressor excels at inflating passenger cars, SUVs, light-duty pickups, not to mention regular cars, bikes, balls. Moreover, it has 3 times the lifespan of an ordinary air pump
  • ULTRA-FAST INFLATION: 1.25CFM@0PSI or 35L/Min@0PSI, ZEPHYR S3 air pump fills a 26.3” tire in 1 minute (30-35 PSI), gauge accuracy +/-1 PSI, 160 PSI Max
  • BUILT-IN 7800mAh LITHIUM BATTERY: ZEPHYR S3 can inflate 16 tires (235 45/R18 26.3”) from 30 to 35 PSI on full charge. Along with USB-C 15W fast charging port, it is suitable for any A to C or C to C charger
  • 100% DUTY CYCLE: Highly durable dual-cyalinder coupled with the dedicated cooling system, you can continuously inflate all four tires of F150 pickup (245 70/R17 31”) from 28 to 35 PSI, without the need for breaks in between
  • AUTO STOP: the bullseye pro tire inflator stops automatically when the target pressure is reached, it also has 4 preset modes and preset pressure memory. 300 lumen LED work light provides ample illumination in the darkness

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