I'm probably going to power down 33% of my SP the first month, not sure if I am going to sell any though. 1.425% APR on STEEM Power is a lot better than any bank CD / IRA.

If you don't mind expanding a bit, I'm curious why you will do this.

I'm not powering down squat. In fact, I just invested $700 into Steem Power from my Bitcoin wallet about 2 hours ago. The price of Bitcoin dropped $10 just 5 minutes after the transaction cleared too. Talk about perfect timing. Lol. And now Bitcoin has dropped ANOTHER $10 in just the past hour. Wow. :)

I saw that drop, and was exchanging during that, so good for you!

Thanks! Yeah, it was shocking to see BTC drop $10 just minutes after my final deposit cleared, and then keep dropping. It's still down at about $738 right now.

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