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RE: Steemit Update [ September 5th, 2022 ] : Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 4 - Week 2

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Steemit Travel has been successful with the contest in its 1st week.

Correction at week 1,

  • we found a number of users who did not enter detailed information on the points/topics of writing that should be included,

  • users are not careful with the contest rules so they don't include all the information requested in the contest rules,

  • users don't share their posts to social media

  • users are less selective in choosing quality photos, so inserting large numbers of photos can make the content untidy and the blog takes a long time to load.

Now entering the 2nd week of the decade we invite all users to participate in Steemit Engagement Season 4 in the Steemit Travel community by sharing travel posts or adventures to places or natural scenic spots.

Our focus is to search for content in the category of mountains, lakes, waterfalls or lagoons.

We would love to welcome you by first reading the contest rules. Read carefully and follow all the guidelines we have embedded!

Beautiful day with all of you! ♥️♥️♥️


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