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Steem's train goes full steam ahead

Promote posts, shake up the Promoted section and raise the value of Steem's currencies.
This is the last Promote the Promoted post.

Your Vote Counts

You can find the details in this post and in previous #steam4steem posts as well. Also, feel free to ask me in the comment section.
In short, I will use 90% of the posts' reward to burn (delete, deflate) SBD by promoting steemians' posts that someone thought worthwhile to promote already.

The last promotion amount per post is 0.05 - 4.62 SBD (randomized).
These numbers will be used until Pipes has spent his last SBD.

The End of the Project

As you can see, Pipes wasn't active lately. However, Pipes has SBD.
@tibonova (me) has promised that he will spend ~90% of the rewards for promotions (burning SBD). I don't make 460 SBD a month, but it's my given word. All of the SBD will be burned as I've promised. If Pipes would have a million, I would burn a million. :) We know since the Joker scene that it's fun!

This project was very interesting. It helped me thinking about the future of Steem.
The reasons of stopping it:

  • promoting (advertising) on Steem is still underdeveloped;
  • SBD doesn't have huge APR anymore;
  • SBD is strong enough;
  • there is a better solution via @promoted bot.

The Future of Pipes

This account wasn't made only for this project. It was made for any of my ideas where I don't want to mix project's funds with my personal funds. When I'll have a new idea that could be helpful to the Steem economy, you will hear about Pipes again.
But first, I have to burn some dollars in the cold Hungarian autumn. :)

Big thanks to everyone who supported this experiment!
I'm with you, I'm with Steem.

A @tibonova project

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You can follow the burning (transfer to null = destroy the amount) here.


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