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RE: AppBase: The next step forward for the Steem blockchain (let the testing begin)

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I am a regular user, I tried posting from on iOS 9 (I cannot afford to update, LOL) it works fine but am lost in "Vote for Witnesses" page (^_^). I logged in using my generated password. Will try from Chrome on android too.


Thanks - it looks like you spotted a bug, actually.

You're welcome and thanks a lot too!


Just tried it from chrome on android using my posting key and works just the same. 👍

Hi @justinw! I always forgot this. I hope the preview when creating a post at steemit/steemitstage can be fixed too (^_^)

The PREVIEW is fixed. Thank You! ❤️


So you're not using proxy voter anymore? Haha.

What you see is what you see. LOL

you are genius Mam <3

Hi. Im new to steemit. What does "Votes for Witness" mean?

Click MENU and you can find it there. Just click the arrow up beside their names i.e. blocktrades, steempty, etc. or if you want to vote for bue, zappl, etc. who are not on the top 50 just type bue then zappl, etc. in the box provided and click VOTE. You can view the list of 100 Witnesses here:

Or if you want me (or someone) to vote on your behalf just type pinay and click SET PROXY :)


Thank you, appreciated.

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