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Current sp just over 8250sp.
The account is building curation nicely and with the help of anothet account I have been able to increase delegation by 100sp per day so far.

Minnowbooster is still fluctuating and isn't very relaible at this point in selling all the vp earned per day.

I have used some of that unused vp to upvote @pifc and @minnowbuilder.

These accounts set up by @thedarkhorse are great to build steemit and he wants to boost the earnings for lower level minnows.


I know the market is down but it wont last for long. Take the usd that has just started to show signs of a correction. That will drive investors away from usd and us stockes into gold, crypro, foex , ect.

This trade war with china my proove to be the biggest gain for crypto to date.

So keep on HODLing and we will all get there in the end.

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I think the trade war could be really good for us. There are a lot of people that are getting worried what this will mean for the stock market and that money needs to go somewhere.


Anyone knows how to build your steempower

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