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RE: Rejecting Hardfork 21, and what rejecting hardforks mean

in #steem2 years ago

I'm pretty sure HF21 will backfire in at least one of seven posible ways, and the lack of solid contingency planning, especially after the HF20 disaster, is quite shocking. Think there might be ways to limit the risk of backfiring, but as things look now, trying to get some "I told you so! Now here is how you might fix it with an EIP version two" story ready and positioned for after HF21 hits, might be the best thing to aim for.

There are too few voices of reason on this platform at this moment when it comes to the EIP if you ask me, and I really hope witnesses like you could pick up writing up a decent EIP v2.0 and have it ready and fully specified at the moment all these EIP accolites end up discovering the EIP doesn't even create half the incentives it set out to create, and things start babk firing badly.

I think, if a few vocal witnesses like yourself have the awnsers ready when disaster strikes, the witnesses up higher in the tree might be ready to hear you.


I don't really think there'll be a major disaster. Things will be as before. Sure, there'll be a short time when there'll be toxicity and flag wars (which even the HF21 fanboys will admit) but things will settle down to the shitshow Steem already is.

And no, top witnesses don't care what I think.

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