How awesome is Steemit! You need to check it out, right now!

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Steemit is really changing social media, you get to post and engage with others about topics that interest you, learn and make friends from all over the world and then get rewarded for it!


Sorry for the weird-o title and opening paragraph, but my plan for this post is to share it on some of my other social media and see if I can do a little recruiting. Feel free to do that same. I've found in the past my recruiting efforts can be pretty frustrating. (if you remember the challenges just getting @ejr to come here). The one suggestion was to just hand people the tools and info and let them decide. So that's kind of the hope for this and then I'll lay off my friends. Plus who knows when the rest of social media or google may go ahead and ban links to steemit posts. It's time to get the word out there. So if your here on steemit, some of this post may look weird or maybe it'll be a bit educational, either way be nice and helpful in the comments and upvote generously maybe seeing the rewards will help a few more guys take the leap.


What is Steemit and how does it work.

It can get pretty convoluted so I'll keep it to the basics. Steemit is a social media/blog platform. You generally need to post a bit more than you would on Facebook or Instragram, but if your blogging anywhere else you'll find it similar in that respect, in fact your blog can likely be a bit shorter around here. From what I see I think about 300-1000 words seams to be the sweet spot but by all means go to town. You can also think of it similar to a message board/forum or even Reddit, I've hung around a few of them before. You can chat about your topic and engage in further discussions in the comments, in fact some of the markdown formatting can be similar to forums.

But instead of all of those places your content is rewarded by other users, when you "upvote" it's worth something, sometimes a little bit and sometimes alot. This depends on how much Steem that person holds. Steem is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin. When you decide to "vest" some of that steem it becomes Steem Power and you have more influence over other people post rewards. You are not giving away your own power or steem. It is distributed everyday and you are assigning it to others based on how much steem power you have. Don't worry to much about all this stuff, you can figure it out as you go, but basically there's a set amount of Steem lets say 1 000 000, so far maybe 600 000 is in existence, and everyday they distribute another 10 that gets shared by everyone who posted everyday based on the amounts of "upvotes' they receive. They have it all calculated out and the amount slowly diminishes over time so the remaining pool of steem will last a long time. You are rewarded in steem dollars and steem power and there's a few steps to turn it into USD or CAD if you choose to or some other crytpocurrency, but rest assured it's real and valuable and can be used to buy stuff.

If you want to learn more about that you can, you can learn more about crytocurrencies and blockchains and whatever, but you don't have to. It just works and happens and at times it seems too good to be true and or even real but it is. I have friends here on steemit buying a couple ounce of gold or a few hundred ounces of silver every month with this blog money. There are even a few guys around here that quit there jobs and live off these earnings and support there families.

The content is sorted in tags, using # like most other places these days. People post about just about anything and it's a
great place to just explore and learn and make friends. Also people are pretty nice around here, it's mostly a troll free environment which is a nice change from so much of internet land. Steemit has been around for almost 2 years now and it's really starting to gain popularity and momentum, so now's the time to check it out and be one of the first people before the rest of the world figures it out.


So what's the catch?

There's not really a catch, it's free to join. Sometimes it takes a couple days for your account to get approved but otherwise it's super simple to sign up. You need to be safe with your "keys", they are your password and you can't just reset it, so keep good track of it. Save it a whole bunch of places, but keep then secure and private, this cryptocurrency stuff is like real money and could be pretty valuable one day.

It's not always easy though, it will take time to get your following and make friends and start getting post rewards. It does't come instantly and the interface and website can be confusing and overwhelming at times. It's like anything else "you reap what you sow", but if you spend a couple hours a day or so commenting and posting you'll get there eventually. Of course if you spend more time things may go faster, but it does pay off in the long run. I'm sure your likely on some form of social media everyday so why not come here.


Real World Example

This was my experience so I'll talk about it here. I came over as a silver stacker, we have a small private mint and wanted to be everywhere that stackers may be. There's a lot all over social media, but there's a lot of guys hiding out on a few forums out there. Well here on steemit we have a silver stacking community called #steemsilvergold. We talk about all the same stuff that stackers do anywhere else. We post about our recent pick ups and favorite coins and pours. We share advice about where to buy or what to buy. We talk about when the world is going to wake up and people understand the value of silver or metals. We even do some selling between ourselves once and while. Heck they are rewarding us to be here so if your not into sitting on steem forever trade it directly with someone who wants some for some silver. Heck we accept STEEM directly on our website and I've bought a lot of silver around here using it as well.

These are the same discussions that are already happening all over the internet, just bring them here with a group of your buddies and start your own group about whatever topic it is that interests you. I'm sure a few established people here are interested in whatever it is and you'll be off to the races.

There's lots more to learn, but this is the basics and enough to get you started. if you do join, the post link below is a great place to start otherwise feel free to reach out to me in any comments and I'll see what I can do.

Here's a good post to start with-Suggestions and Advice for new users.

Anyways if I've been hassling you in real life I'm going to stop now, this is what steemit's all about and you should really check it out

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Steemit is really great. Please look at my steemit statistics to see the amazing growth of steemit:

          This is for all the non-steemians that may view this promo. I know nothing about crypto. I have not "invested" any money in steemit, only my time. This from @phelimint:

If you want to learn more about that you can, you can learn more about crytocurrencies and blockchains and whatever, but you don't have to. It just works and happens and at times it seems too good to be true and or even real but it is.

          I have been on steemit for 6 months. At the end of my first 100 days I had a Rep Score of 53.4 and I had 157SP. Right now I am at a Reputation of 55.4. It takes a lot of votes to move up one rep point when you get into the 50's the Reputation Score works kind of like the Richter scale each point is ten time harder than the last point. You'll learn when you join.
          Right now my Steem Power is at 390SP. The more steem Power the more vote power you have and the more valuable your account is. Value, that is what a lot of people are going to be looking at as they join.
          My account is valued at $2,219.34 as of the moment I pasted that number there. It will change based on the price of steem. That means I have made about $12.00 a day over the course of the 183 days I have been on steemit.
          Now remember none of that is from money I put in to steemit, I bought and paid for nothing. So think about how much money you put into facebook or youtube, and how much money you have earned there. Oh and you don't need thousands of followers to make money on steemit. Over the course of the six months I have been here I have had just over 500 people follow me. Of that 500 people maybe 47 are really on a weekly basis looking at my content. What I am saying is you do not need a "pre-Set" amount of followers before you earn.
          If you join and want or need help I know of several people and projects that are helping "Brand New Users" Newbies. I will be willing to lend assistance to you if you do join.


Awesome man, thx for this comment. This is exactly what I was hoping for, just more plain talk about how things work around here.


Thanks. I need help to enable me earn.


well done bud!


He did say it was going to be a promo-post and wanted comments. Thought I would let them know from an ordinary retired guy what it has been and is like here from my viewpoint. Thank you.


That is pretty good, and I admire the effort. I can contrast that with my run here on Steemit, I used what I call the Brute Force Method ;) Moved in my ETH earnings and bought STEEM. Caught the big BTC run-up and moved in those earnings, then luckily caught the Steem run-up as well. I am earning over 4% per month in Steem-Appreciations ;) That is with all things combined. I've been here 9 months almost. I prefer my way but yours is rather impressive for totally "ORGANIC"! :D


Glad you "Bruted" your way. Two ways for people to look at. A modest investment for those able to afford it, and a, (like your word choice), totally "organic" method. Fun is fun, whether you buy all the golf equipment pay a caddie and instructor get the coolest golf cart on the greens, or just have fun with a bucket of balls in the back yard or on the beach.


I hope to be retired in maybe 15 months, but before I found Steemit I was looking at a partial retirement, or just do a rollover. At this rate, I should be able to pull the pin completely! It would be cool to join your ranks ;)
Again, PROPS for doing it all "organic"!


Wow... Sangat keren, saya ingin anda bisa membantu saya, tulisan anda membuat saya sangat semangat, tetapi sebagai pemula saya tidak tahu, harus memulainya darimana, terimakasih


This is actually day 2 for me on steemit with two blog posts. Your words are comforting, and I really believe I can go the distance, although a little "shove" in the right direction will be nice.


My opinion on this is that we should not try too hard to get people onto Steemit. As the old saying goes, you can drag a horse to the water; but you can't make it drink. If they are not convinced they will give it a muted try & give up. The easiest way for the platform to succeed is to see the value of the Steem tokens gradually rise in value. Nothing motivates best as financial gain!


I agree, I'm gonna put the out there them in done. In fact I think your the same person that inspired me last time I ranted about not being able to recruit @ejr to the platform and sent me in this path of focusing more on new users that are already here! Thanks again for stopping by and providing you insight.


You are welcome!

Here's one of the Facebook links if anyone wants to add there two cents there as well it may help!

what is the market cap of steemit


It's currently at 1.26 billion USD, and you can see the number over at Coinmarketcap.

hola @ phelimint gracias por tus palabras de animo yo soy nueva y esplicaciones como estas nos ayuda a sernos mas diestros en esta comunidad y poder ayudar a otros qa que se sumen a steemit que brinda gran oportunidad de superase :)

I’ve been here a short while and thanks to the help of great people in the community I have had a fun experience. It’s a great place for like minded people to share, educate, and interact with other who think the same way! You get what you give, and I try to give 100%. Great post guys! 👍🏼🍺🥓


I was going to mention it in the post, but our chat this afternoon, was the inspiration for this. Glad to have you guys here and seeing this place with some fresh eyes.


We are every day more and more!This is only the beginning!Lovely post @phelimint !


Great post. I know how you feel. I'm still grinding out the invites. I love love love Improv and learning Screenwriting. But I'd be broke as a joke if I only posted about that on steemit or tried to live off that in real life. Some things just don't pay some people. But what sounds like sad news is really freedom. Freedom to learn new things, rise to the challenge each day, and meet new people like yourself. Cheers and all the best Canada!


Your right about that man, I've expanded at bit beyond the silver community here too, but as the niche community grows it's also going to be easier to just refocus your writing and blogging. I have a few friends here that are doing great just focusing on silver blogging.
I think we'll continue to see big things from here.

It is sometimes frustrating how people ignore Steemit. I have told several of my friends about Steemit in the past few days. While some of them have showed interest, no one has yet joined. I will keep pestering them though.


People don't trust stuff they don't understand. Hence old people being afraid of technology


Blockchain is not just about tech, people are also concerned about possible govt response


That's a good point, and this is one of the reasons why it is so bad that Steem(it) is pretty difficult to get started with unless you have some knowledge of the internet and computers. It's a lot more complicated than Facebook or Medium for starters.


Meanwhile you just earned 5 cents


Yes, I did earn 5 cents, lolz


Hehe, you should keep pestering them, or else they will really regret it in a few years when Steem is really popular and they missed out ;)


I feel the same way about thover frustration, that's why I'm going to just share this post then give up!

This does look like a really good "recruiting piece." I may take a similar approach-- I really don't like beating people over the head with Steemit like some used-car salesman; but I belong to some old blogging forums, and I reckon a few people might be more open to this type of approach.

Nicely done!


Wondering if there will ever be an incentivized program for people to go out and get new members for Steemit ?? Affiliates etc..

Funny enough I find myself not really interested in that. I belong to several IM Forums that I will really promote Steemit in about 3 or 4 months from now.

I just want to have my Stats to back it up with some Earnings.

Until then I will just keep my nose to the grindstone ;)


I think it's worth a shot, we just had a huge influx come over from the YouTube Silver community and it's been really invigorating and fresh. I think there's so much potential here and people should really be taking notice.

You said it Phil! For me, this is the only social media anymore, most of the YouTubers I like are either defunded, or switched over already! We just need a few " biggies" to switch. But, a lot of big YouTubers have already switched over!!! So it's happening.

Agreed. I think Steemit is slowly but surely becoming more known in the social media world.

@phelimint I Love Steemit................

I enjoyed this post very much as I'm literally just starting and digging into the guts of what makes this work. The part where you say just start with the basics and learn as you go is exactly what I'm doing. It is a steep learning curve, but a fast one as I have been helped out at every step of the way. I also can say that everyone has been more than willing to help and I haven't had to ask for a lot. I'm digging it and will continue for sure.



I haven't had much success recruiting people to join. Also found the people I did bring gave up. Sigh, I would to see widespread adoption but I don't know. I cant understand why people don't want 5 cents, you make zero cents on Facebook or Reddit


It's not easy and unfortunately i think most people are kinda lazy or overwhelmed be trying and learning new things.

I’ve been trying recruit people, myself! I’ve gotten a couple people on Steemit so far.

I have the feeling today’s pennies and nickels will be tomorrow’s dollars!


Your right about that as well. Steem will continue to rise and ever little bit you have stored here is really going to be valuable in the future.

I have one little problem though, my following grows very slowly. Is there a way that can be accelerated?


Comment Comment Comment!
Read the post I linked too at the bottom of this post.
Then join a discord community and make friends.


Ooh, right, thank you. I'll do that @phelimint

I just started using steemit and I'm really enjoying it! :D Great posts like this one really make the platform better. Do you guys have any other advice for us "new guy"?

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a very good post.
I like it very much

its really cool for interact with people...really appreciate of luck..
feel free to follow me..thanks

Well you've said it all, the blockchain is never better than it's been for a long time, and yeah it's really been a thrilling experience for me too, and I hope new users can see this and learn

Fantastic article. Thank you for sharing your insight and experience. I'm just now starting to delve a bit deeper into the intricacy of STEEM.

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Good to see that Steemit has worked out for you and you are sharing it with your audience. I always share my Steemit posts on my social media outlets but haven't written the benefits of joining Steemit... not yet anyway, one day I will. Keep stackin during this downturn in precious metals and Steemonwards...

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Couldn't agree more with your title, Thank you for all the helpful tips.

Good Job @phelimint! I may do something similar in the future; well worth the effort! In a world of blockchains spawning endless cryptocurrencies dominated by social "noise" of all sorts, Steemit is a shining example of what a decentralized blockchain can achieve when applied to a social platform that rewards user content and puts the focus where it should be - on community and prosperity! She isn't perfect, but she's mine and I love her!

Its got its dark side too.

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Man, I really felt I had a few people reeled in but as far as I know none of them signed up (unless they are secretly checking it out)
I like the idea of a promotional post.
Good luck!

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Worth informative....

Great promo for "outsiders"!
I should do one of those and plaster it on FakeBook and Twit-HeadZ lol
I have like little following on those but it might draw a few...

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Nice. I’ve started linking good posts on my Facebook, maybe a few a week. Hell knows it’s better that what they’re browsing now.

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Nice one P-mint!

nice post from you.
i think it will your first breathing social media in future .
enjoy and carry on

Fantastic post buddy, must have taken you a wile to write andi have deffo learned a few things about you in this post also, all good btw.