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In my previous post a few days ago I mentioned an idea for a new curation service taking advantage of the higher rewards. After consulting with a few people and working on the idea some more I came up with a concept which hopefully will work to the benefit of the whole platform.

I usually don't like pre-announcements, so I will not tell more at this point. But I can confidently tell you to keep your eyes open, I have been extremely productive the last days and the project is ready to beta test. If you enjoy digging through the blockchain on the hunt for undervalued posts and would like your efforts to have more impact, get in contact with me on Discord (pharesim#1708)!

The other point of my last post was the HF21 node I'm setting up. I decided to use the latest of the latest and configured it as a MIRA node. @gtg said in his tutorial that it'd take about 72 hours to replay - that was hugely optimistic :D Even though I had a bit of a buffer planned in, it's only at 95% now. I'll need some sleep now and can't wait for it to finish, but tomorrow it'll be ready to be patched and hopefully it'll all work out then and I'll be set. If it goes seriously wrong and I need another replay, I still have the option to get a non-MIRA node running before, but as always I hope the best for now.
(Update 6.5 hours later: it worked :P)

Enjoy #NewSteem and let's cooperate to create a culture which doesn't only revolve around extracting value, but creating it!

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Awesome, let me know when your project is ready..!! So exited to know about that..!!!

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Feels like a new era is going to begin , cheers !!!

Now I'm curious

Interesting, I can't wait to see this idea of yours.

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Finally one post about HF21 not having orgasms about "downvotes for free!"
Wow! :)

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They're only worth something when they're used. But don't be too impressed yet, I'll talk about them at a later point for sure :P

At least you are not making that the wonderall of hf21..

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Can't find you on discord

When you search you have to add the #1708 after my name, then it should be easy.
Alternatively, tell me your username (with the number)

I can't message you since the bot is not letting me.
I'm in no server common with you.

Anticipating for this your project

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I wonder what your project will be @pharesim but best regards unto that :D and to the #newsteem

Perfect :)

Let's see how the things will work after HF21. Hopefully all the changes will uplift enthusiasm of creators and we will get more attention to Steem itself outside.

Hi @pharesim
I can't find you on discord either so I sent you a friend request. I have some track record as an independent curator and I would love to talk to you some more about helping out

Hi @pharesim

you have now made me curious about your new idea
because it sounds very positive

I need more steem to better curate.. Hopefully I can manage to become a dolphin. :)

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Hi, I'd also like to give it a try but I can't find you on discord

Looking forward to the announcement. Curating content is very under-rated!

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Das klingt sehr interessant. Würde mich über Infos freuen.

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Sounds exciting and eagerly waiting for further details.

Comon’, let’s do so ! I will look forward for your further announcement !

Hehe I knew you were gonna make a post like this when I saw your activity on github with this mysterious curangel thing :p


I see everything :p