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I found myself as a good informed IT person who tries to follow all new things that come in the “space”. On the other side, it is true that when a man gets older it is harder to follow new things. Last few days, it’s very busy on the STEEM blockchain and doesn’t pass one day without multiple news! If I look at other crypto projects, I can’t find either one busy as STEEM!

Okay… Just to make things clear… There are good news and bad news… I will start with a bad one and keep all that cherries for the end… Magic Dice, blockchain game on STEEM has made exit scam… So, if you were delegated SteemPower to them, it is the time that you cancel that delegation. The easiest way to do that is to

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Switch Account” and enter your account name
  3. When it loads your details, go to Delegation in the left menu and then “Outgoing”
  4. Find MagicDice delegation and click on X and follow the next steps.

Okay... Good news…

A few days ago I have written about DEC token, staking, and the importance of upvoting and commenting. The team around Splinterlands (SteemMonsters) and have created new tokens called EM and EMFOUR. If you own them, you can mine ENG tokens which are the main token that run the whole Steem-Engine platform! You can find more details here

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Another good news is that popular dApp APPICS, also known as Steem Instagram, has come to a new solution for engaging more users. They will implement a dual blockchain solution for their own token which will be distributed on the EOS network and Steem-Engine platform. They had to do that in a lack of better solution and delay of SMT tokens. The whole platform stays on STEEM and users will not notice anything while using the dApp in functionality. But, they will be rewarded with tokens! You can find more about this at

Just a reminder for Splinterlands gamers that Orb Promotion is still on, but it will last only another 20 hours…

And… All this great news has come in the last 24 hours or so… In the near future, we will probably have a crucial hard fork of the STEEM network also…

What does this tell us?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I see all this as a big sign that TIME IS NOW! It is time to accumulate as much more STEEM that we can because it is still “ON SALE”. I doubt that it will be easier (and cheaper) to get it more in the future. STEEM is getting “strong use case” and it has been implemented in many new dApps with some of the unimaginable ways that nobody thought that it is possible 1-2 years ago.

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STEEM is evolving rapidly and it looks the train is leaving the station! Did you buy your tickets?


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This is super informative and the kind of articles I love to read! Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for your comment! And for sharing in your community...

I am happy that appics took a decision and staying on the blockchain... Magic dice hmm heard about it but never tried...

Appics is doing something similar to SteemMonsters (they have DEC token on Tron network and SteemEngine)... And for Magic Dice, I am happy that I didn't get involved in it... And it is good that we have delegation on STEEM, so they can't steal those funds...

Thanks for your comment!

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