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Hey y'all

I put this off a little bit since I came back, hoping that things might die down a bit at some point. They haven't, so I'm just gonna do a short post at this point. In short, I'm back!

It's been a bit, but I saw some of the stuff with JSun buying Steemit on Twitter and started checking it out. I then found out about the soft fork, his response, witness response to his response, etc. etc. It's been a lot to take in while also trying to navigate some new stuff (never used SteemPeak before tbh, was dev'ing on ulogs for a bit and seems much nicer!). I left previously because of some perceived slights to my ego, a loss of direction for me, and a need of money in a much quicker manner than campaigning for witness votes and doing small dev jobs. I've almost gotten to where I'm fully supporting myself with work, main issue is debt at this point, got another job, quit working at the rink, and a bunch of other shit. This isn't meant to be a long post. I just wanted to make sure I put out there a few things before I started doing anything else. I support the community against JSun, but I don't think JSun should be frozen if there's another way. If he wants to fork off, against the community witnesses, go for it, I'll be on the other chain. If he wants to stick together and work with us, specifically towards reducing the number of witness votes per account/coin so that no one person can enact a veto, and maybe work with us on other stuff too, that'd be great. I don't think having a bunch of sock puppets up there is the way to do that, as far as I've seen (almost) all of the community witnesses have committed to working with him if he works with us too. I don't think both sides being reactionary is gonna work out.

I'm planning on bringing a witness back up soonish, as well as some other services so that we can run Steem without Steemit Inc. ASAP, and to increase decentralization. I'm also interested in doing some dev work, more on the chain side than dApps or anything, but we'll see. I've picked up some more languages, am more picking up more right now, and still love C/C++, so there's a lot out there. Cheers y'all!

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