9 Ways to Earn STEEM

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People have asked me how they can earn STEEM if they are not bloggers. Well in addition to Steemit.com there is also a host of DApps built on the blockchain. Apps that don't require you to be an author or blogger to earn STEEM.

In this video we will look at 9 ways that you can earn STEEM using APPs from the Steemit Blockchain

Apps include @dlive @dtube @busy.org @zappl @utopian-io @esteemapp @steepshot @dsound @dmania all allow you post relevant content and earn STEEM

▶️ DTube
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I think #chainbb should also be mentioned; it is easier to follow discussions on there and some people may enjoy making comments rather than making full posts.

Thanks for the info

Would love to see a breakdown on what each App charges to post on their respective Platforms. From my understanding most APPS take 15% as a fee for using their posting services however there's not much disclosure on this ( I think there should be). I personally love using DSound, DTube and Steepshot. Great info in this DTube Video for those unaware of these services.


Agreed. I wasn't aware Dtube took 25% until my first post payout. While I understand their reasoning it has made me think twice before using any of the DApps.

hey @paulag, what about utopian.io ?


I agree with @jefpatat here, you are posting also regularly on utopian and it should be mentioned here as well... (in the text)
But this goes to show that steem is for everyone


hay @jefpatat and @felander @utopian-io is mentioned in the video and also in the text ( although i didnt have the @ beside the name i have updates so it links back to the utopian account like the other mentioned)


ye, i heard it in your video, hence the edit... good summary though

Good 1 Paola ! (-:

Thanks for sharing your insights on these STEEM blockchain apps. I've actually blocked off part of my weekend to learn more about them. Rainy weekends used to be all about grabbing a coffee and catching up on reading. Now it's all about catching up on the blockchain!

Great info given in the Video, I was unaware of these services

Thanks for the info 😊

Thank you very much for this huge and valuable information @paulag; one of my ESL students told me about making translations for utopian.io, so I will give it a try. I am not a good blogger so I have to try any option that is available for me!