🎉 2018 STEEM Targets Achieved – 2019 Here we Come. Happy New Year 🎉

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Wow what a messed-up year 2018 was.  Things were really crazy, life was busy, I had laughter and I had tears but all in all, I reached my targets and met some major milestones.

I didn’t really start to set targets for my self till September when I had the realization that I sacrificed my existing online business for time I was spending on STEEM and discord.  Well I did have a target I made at the start of the year.  That was to become a steem dolphin, and thankfully I reached that target in September.

However, September was a big turning point for me.  It was make or break in terms of my business and I had to get my head down.  I already posted almost two weeks back about publishing two new online courses before year end.  This was critical to move forward with my business and that target was achieved.  But I was still working on a few things that I really wanted to achieve by the end of 2018.  And of course, these were STEEM related.

On STEEM since I set my targets in September, I wanted achieve the following

1. Create an online course about STEEM.  Achieved.  This course was published early November and I am proud to say there are over 1100 Students already signed up for this free resource.


If you are new to STEEM this course is FREE, please do take a look, you just might learn something   😉  


2. Reach a STEEM reputation of 70.  To many this does not mean much.  Lets face it, Rep is easily purchases with the buying of votes and bidbots have really nailed that one down.  But I have not been a bidbot user and my rep of 70 has been earned the way it was originally intended.  I think it was 10 days ago I reached this target.  But for those of you not convinced, I also achieved a ranking of 89 with @steem-ua.  Its amazing to be in the top 100 of something 😊.  Target Achieved.


3. Find a way to integrate my existing online business with STEEM.  I really want to keep doing what I was doing before STEEM.  Spending so much time doing STEEM stuff left a major hole in my finances.  But I really want to continue doing STEEM stuff too and the only way is to combine them.  The other day I published my Excel Club STEEM business plan.   I found a way to integrate them with the use of Steempress.  One of the difficulties was revenue model.  My thoughts for a long time were focused in the wrong direction, how could I make STEEM with my existing business.  But then I realized I don’t need to make STEEM income to run a profitable business on STEEM.  I just need to utilize it to add value.


If you are interested in reading the full plan you can check it out here.  I published 3 days ago.  Target achieved.


4. Hold 10K SP.  I had 5K SP in September and I published that I wanted to double it.  Dang now just look at this 


And wait, hold on, there is more.  @theexcelclub also has over 400 SP too.  And I have a 50% share in @steemcommunity holding over 1900 SP.  This is after paying for our witness server with liquid earnings from my main account for the last 9 months and financing many contests and giveaways.  However, I did buy in.  I purchased a little over 2400 STEEM since September.  And I plan to buy more when 2019 sets in.  Target Achieved.

Its been a fun year on STEEM.  I have learned so much.  Met so many awesome people, made loads of friends and even an enemy or two.  There have been ups and there have been downs.  Sometimes I got things right, and sometimes I made mistakes.  That’s life.  The mistakes I made, I have learned from and they have made me more determined for 2019.

I want to wish every single one of you a happy new year.  No matter where you are from, or what you believe, we are steem, we are on the same team (oh my I am a poet now hehe).  I send you all warm wished and massive hugs. I’m not going to do a load of shout outs because there are really to many, but each and every one of you on steem that has engage with me, positively or negatively has had a impact on my thoughts this year.

Happy new year everyone



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Dang! Absolutely killing it !! Keep up the good work in 2019 and beyond !!

Happy new year :-)

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thank you soooooooo much, happy new year to you too


Does one have to delegate SP to @steem-ua to receive upvotes and build account score ??

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everyone gets a UA score, you can check yours here https://steem-ua.com/

but to get a vote, you must delegate


Interesting. Thank you for the info. 🙏🏼

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you are most welcome

There is nothing like sweet success! Congrats!


and it smells great lol.

Thank you so much @rebeccabe

Happy new year too @paulag!

Many of your targets if not all have been met so I could say it has overall been a pretty good year for you!

Proud graduate of the @steemcommunity :)


yep, not bad of a year after all and I will be starting next year with a little more focus so that a bonus too :-)

Happy new year graduate 🎉

Congrats and Happy New Year!


thank you so much @fbslo, and happy new year to you too

Well done!

Congratulations and achieving all of this. May 2019 be the year you reap the benefits of all your hard work in 2018.


I do hope there will be some benefits, mostly in my pocket at some stage. But its a long term game for me so lets see how it plays out.

Happy new year and thanks for visiting

Happy new year!
May 2019 be prosperous!


hay Peter and a very very happy new year to you too

Those are some amazing goals you achieved! Cheers to 2019 being full of opportunity and some fun as well. Have a great new year.

About Your Udemy course... It's great!
May your have a great and blessed 2019! 🙏🏽

Congrats and super glad I got to interact with you on your journey.

Wahoo @paulag! Way to go!
You really buckled down and reached what you were aiming for, that and being a mom too, plus who knows what else you got going on in your life.
Great inspiration to keep on Steeming on!
All the best for you in the New Year!

With the help of committed leaders like you, I believe in this ecosystem becoming sustainable and creating value for years to come. While the struggles will continue in the short term, talent like yours will continue to help build the foundation of this blockchain. Congrats on the great 2018!

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Wishing you all the best for 2019 Paula!

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Happy new year mom, and success for you, me and everyone in 2019 😊