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How to make an additional 100 STEEM each month!

in steem •  4 months ago  (edited)

I have successfully done everything and even have twenty five tokens now. But my question is... How do I convert it to steem? I can't see steem among the options to convert to.

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You need to add as much as you can in your portfolio, claim very often and one point convert everything just in one coin. I convert everything in BTC as like this is much easy for me, but you convert everything in the coin that you like and makes you feel confortable to work with. Send that final amount (after all the conversions are done) to any exchange that you are using. From there you exchange in Steem and send it to your Steemit account and power up!😉


I had 42 tokens. I moved them to btc but I don't remember having a btc account yet it was successful. Where do I find it now?

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