📈 Daily Price Report Steem, Steem Dollars (SBD), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Aug 11, 2019

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Detail of STEEM, SBD, BTC & ETH

Price in USD0.19167550 USD
Price in Bitcoin0.00001687 BTC
Price in IDRRP 2,695.99
24 Hour Volume713,430.55 USD
Market Capacity65,158,406.25 USD
Available Supply339,941,261.98 STEEM
Total Supply356,915,355.98 STEEM
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours0.33%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours4.31%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days-13.69%

Price in USD0.89216590 USD
Price in Bitcoin0.00007854 BTC
Price in IDRRP 12,548.67
24 Hour Volume96,422.16 USD
Market Capacity7,015,952.80 USD
Available Supply7,863,955.37 SBD
Total Supply7,863,955.37 SBD
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours0.77%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours5.69%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days-6.67%

Price in USD11,375.88 USD
Price in Bitcoin1 BTC
Price in IDRRP 160,006,266.37
24 Hour Volume18,194,244,763.52 USD
Market Capacity203,290,342,398.01 USD
Available Supply17,870,300.00 BTC
Total Supply17,870,300.00 BTC
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours0.05%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours-2.33%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days5.90%

Price in USD210.30 USD
Price in Bitcoin0.0185128 BTC
Price in IDRRP 2,957,951.29
24 Hour Volume6,821,736,727.38 USD
Market Capacity22,560,011,313.85 USD
Available Supply107,275,459.25 ETH
Total Supply107,275,459.25 ETH
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours0.30%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours0.88%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days-4.33%

Price and Data Source: Coin Market Cap


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