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RE: Method to the Madness - Vulture Capitalism Comes to the Blockchain

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Paul Singer would be rolling in his grave....oh wait hes not dead. He just kills things himself:(

Btw, did you know that venture capitalists call themselves activists? lol!


Lol, Paul Singer isn't dead! Shit!
To be honest, Singer and his Hedge fund came up more than once in my research. Actually, the case of Puerto Rico was originally part of this post but I removed it to keep a sharper focus. I might even write a follow up with Singer and PR if I can get around to it.

Good idea! I have had Singer on my 'hit list' as well lol. That list is so damn long at this point though, that it will probably just remain on an ever expanding 'list', haha. Can we request to the powers that be, to stop manufacturing all these new crises, so we can get to work? How do you even putin a request for that lol.

On the tron situation, I was a lot more positive and open minded about the whole thing than most, until I started to see all of this two-faced spin, and continual hostility towards the chain from Sun and his team. I'm going to plead ignorance on Steem politics at this point, and leave it to the witnesses that have my votes. It seems I just don't know enough about the origins of it all.

Anyway thanks, and I look forward to your sequel!

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