SBD on Poloniex going crazy. STEEM will follow?

in steem •  last year

Look at this graph. SBD is trading around 0.001 BTC ($2.27) currently. Volume is over 2 million.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 23.28.42.png

This would be an amazing opportunity to sell your SBD expensively, but Poloniex is disappointing by "temporarily disabling" deposits and withdrawals.

I see the rise of SBD as a positive sign. This indicates great demand for stable cryptocurrency. This is also keeping rewards high, because authors can sell their SBD with 2x premium, this should compensate decline of STEEM a little. Besides STEEM price it could rise, because people will keep using the platform. After all, where else we could discuss the craziness in crypto world and get rewarded for it?

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even Bittrex did like 85K sat


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The target value of 1 dollar cannot be maintained thats why In my opinion (as a Newbie) in the long run SBD could be completly taken out of Steem. Authors just could get paid in Steem Power and Steem . I dont really see the additional advantage SBD gives to Steem as Platform.


I'm actually want SDB to be removed from steem. But it is really painfull process, we need broad consensus on this topic to minimise the demage. I'm also would like to see success of SBD as a stable and massively used currency, maybe we could make it work.

Just bought more steem power... investing lol :)


"Buy When There's Blood in the Streets"


Load demmmm up :)

Trade it on bittrex exchange,, i just did that and was successful in transferring then selling then buying steem and other currencies i like.

Nice one, I was hoping that it stays elevated and steem remain depress, so I would have time to cash out my steed dollars and buy some steem power directly from blocktrades, i think both Steem dollars and steem could face parity going forward

Music to my ears, in all the bitcoin and ethereum turmoil.


Yes, I was relieved then saw that STEEM could be more resistent to crisis than any other crypto. Thats why I decided to make post, I know it is already outdated and cheap, but there is something to talk about.


That's because Steem works :)

I am yet to buy Steem and sell SBD for it as soon as I could earn enough.

My friend great work

Hi, good post, about poloniex, maybe we should have more altcoin exchanges with SBD in case when they disable deposits and withdrawals, i hope there will be more big exchangers in the future with big trade volume with no disabling