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I would like to present to you @freeresteem this new service where you can resteem your posts practicality for free. Just follow those easy steps...

Most important step: Follow @freeresteem

Step 1:
Create quality post

Step 2:
Go into your wallet, click on the currency of your choice
(Send in any amount of currency so I know you want to use the service). Send STEEM/SBD to @freeresteem

Step 3:
As a memo, copy URL of the post you would like me to resteem.

Step 4:
In the memo tab, paste the posts URL and hit SUBMIT

Step 5:
I will resteem posts twice a day so just sit back and start creating new ones.

As for tips/donations, I will convert them to Power Up this account. Once we reach a significant amout of Steem Power, I will be Upvoting your posts, this way all Steem and Steem Dollars will be distributed back to Steemit community.

Right now this is a brand new account but I will do my best to advertise this service all over the Steemit and Chat groups.

Now lets have some fun creating and resteeming...and remember, What happens on Steemit, stays on Steemit.


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