Guide to Power Up really fast using BlockTrades!

in steem •  2 years ago

Hi everybody! As you may know, the process of powering up if you do not actually have Steem could be really tedious and involve several trading platforms (depending on the Crypto you want to use) and several transactions. This is a guide on how to Power Up with crypto really fast using BlockTrades.

1)First go to BlockTrades.

2)Then select Steem Power on the drop down on the right of the arrow and the Crypto you want to use to Power Up on the left drop down (I am selecting Litecoin for this example).

3)Enter your Steem address (this is your account name) on the text box in the bottom.

4)Click on the "Get Deposit Address" button. This will get you the addres to which you need to sent the desired ammount of Crypto (in this case Litecoin) you want to use to Power Up. Use the boxes above to estimate how much Crypto you need to send to get the amount of Steem Power you want.

5)Finally just go to your Crypto wallet and send the amount you want to the address provided by BlockTrades.

That's it! You have Powered Up in less than 3 minutes!

Hope you find this useful!

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Hastle free, easy to understand... this really has helped me. I've never powered up using this option. I usually power up only using the reward system of my posts and upvotes from other posts. Thank you Oumar :)


Hi @quintanilla, I am glad it helped you! Saludos!