5 Reasons why you should start accepting STEEM and SBD on your Business!

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Support the Steem Economy

This is really the main reason why you should start accepting Steem and SBD, I assume each one of us wants this platform to succeed, and the only way it will finally do it is by establishing a solid economy around the cryptos that power this site, SBD and Steem. By accepting Steem and SBD in your businesses you are adding value to these tokens by providing them with an alternate usage and a reason for people to have them instead of just dumping them in the market.

No Fees

If you accept Visa or MasterCard in your businesses, you know you have to pay a fee for each payment, between 3% and 4% (at least in my country) even with other cryptos like Bitcoin there is a minning fee, if you accept Bitcoin in your business you probably let the customer absorbe that fee which at the end translates in a higher price. With STEEM or SBD, there are NO TRANSACTION FEES so this makes it much more comfortable for you and your customers.

Instant Payments

Unlike much Cryptos like Bitcoin, where a transaction is now taking almost an hour to confirm (if you don't use a high miner fee), STEEM and SBD transactions are almost instantly processed and confirmed, you can see them immediatly in your account. This is really comfortable when accepting a payment cause you only need to refresh your account's transfers tab and you will see the payment.

It is really easy

It is really easy to start accepting payments with STEEM or SBD, you only need to have an account here (which most of you reading this will), and ask your customer to send the required ammount of STEEM or SBD to your account. This is were it also gets more comfortable than other Cryptos, your steem account is most likely somthing easy like your name, or your business name, instead of a really long alphanumeric string (like with most cryptos), so it is really easy to tell your customer to which account they should send the STEEM and once they send it you can confirm it immediatly by just refreshing the transfers page of your account. You don't even have to log into your account, this means you do not have to leave your account opened in the business phone or computer, just a simple bookmark would do it.

Reasonable Liquidity and Stablility

This is where most of you start to worry about, even though STEEM has been falling in price recently (and this could be just a temporal fall due to Steem reallocation) you can just go ahead and sell the STEEM for SBD which has been a reasonable stable currency. Or if you don't want to hold the STEEM, you could sell it immediatly for Bitcoin in the open Market, both tokes have enough liquidity.

I hope this 5 reasons help you take that step of accepting Steem and SBD in your businesses and start supporting the Steem Economy.

Steem Locator

Remember there is a chat room in the Steemit Chat called steem-accepted where you can let me know your business is accepting Steem so that I can list it in Steem Locator, a website dedicated to show venues around the world accepting Steem or SBD.


Finally some news, the Steem Pay team is currently in the process of creating a native app for accepting Steem and SBD payments that will make this really simple and user friendly, you can see all about this in the following post:

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Thank you for SteemLocator, Oumar. I didn't have it in my collection)


Sure @borishaifa ! I am glad to contribute to this community! Thanks for your upvote.

I can see this becoming a big part of Steemit as it grows. It could be as big as Paypal in the long run, and more accessible to anyone around the world. Could open new business opportunities.


I totally agree with you @steevc !

I promoted for you too @oumar
full $teem ahead!


Thanks a lot @streetstyle !