Get Paid to Stop Posting

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Stopping the Music

Many years ago while strolling along the Seine, I ran into a guy playing violin in a way that nearly made my ears bleed.

There was no-one listening to him, he was just there on his own ruining the ambiance for passersby, and pitifully waiting for people to give him some coins. The little tin can he had in front of him did contain some coins, but he had probably placed them there himself.

I considered giving him a coin, out of pity, but then thought that would only encourage him to continue on his current path. He really needed to find another way to make some money.

At the end of a song, if you could call it that, I talked to him, it was an otherwise friendly conversation. I eventually got him to agree to take a 15 minute vacation from his attempt at being a street musician in exchange for 10 Euros.

Thus I could peacefully continue to stroll on along the Seine without my ears bleeding from his music, and in about 15 minutes I'd be far enough to not hear it.

I felt like Donald Trump, rich, insensitive, and relishing my ability to pay for problems to disappear.

OK, I lied, this never happened, but it seemed like a good story to introduce my newest Steem feature suggestion: getting paid to stop posting.

Lousy and Disliked Content

Some of the complaints, among the many complaints that we hear on Steemit, are about lousy content. By the looks of it, I have been a producer of such content myself, though I would of course never admit to that, even under torture.

Also, some don't like people to post about certain topics. I am not naming any names or topics, for security reasons.

These issues unfortunately easily lead to tensions and fights. Flagging wars, nasty comments, and what not.

A Friendly Alternative?

What if there was a friendly alternative, one that more or less complied with the Non Aggression Principle and the principle of voluntary cooperation?

Turns out there is! Instead of a negative approach, let's introduce a positive approach here on Steemit. The ability to pay others to stop posting, and in converse the ability to get to paid to not post!

The price to make someone shut up stop posting for 1 day, should be set as follows: That person's highest earning 24 hour period over the last month PLUS 1% of his or her Steem Power.

Just that 1% per day, would compound to an annualized rate of 3778%!!!

Look at All the Benefits:

  • Both parties get something out of it.
  • It beats flagging. One side avoids being called a flaggot, the other side avoids getting flagged and makes money instead.
  • Steem Power would become by far the best passive investment in the Universe.
  • World peace ensues.
  • Getting paid to stop posting allows you to see your wife/husband and children again.

What's not to like?

Nothing. That's what.

So Let's Just Do It!

I can't wait to get paid to stop posting!

Eating Steem

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the phrase .. "one man's junk is another man's treasure" always comes to mind when I see people complaining about lousy content. I may not like the content, that doesn't mean others wont. Having said that, go ahead and pay me not to post :)


Tastes differ, that's certainly true!

I agree with you. . I would really like it if someone paid me not to post something.


I am sure we aren't alone in that regard either...