We innovate with you in mind. Exchange your STEEM and SBD to BTC

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In an innovative and friendly way you can now exchange from STEEM and SBD to BTC

why it will be better?

Variable rate

"More amount" means a "higher rate"
Now the more sbd ans steem you want to change, the higher the exchange rate

Easier and faster

you only have to transfer to @orinoco to generate your order
Each wallet you register is associated with a unique code / memo. It will easier because you always use that memo to make transfers to @orinoco and faster because our system will generate the order for you by indentifying it in our wallet.


For LocalBitcoin users instantly
If your wallet is from LocalBitcoin your order will be executed instantly and you will save the commission to receive


Everything will be easier!

You can contact us by:


Last I checked your exchange rates were below market rates, is this still the case?


Hello @jrcornel, thanks for your question. It is a new service that we are incorporating in our new platform http://orinoco.io/. We have a calculator that offers a higher rate as you increase the amount of SBD and STEEM. I invite you to compare rates with other platforms that offer a similar service. Additionally we inform that if your wallet is in LocalBitcoin it will not charge you commissions to receive. For more information please contact us at https://discord.gg/MGCPyjf

It should be the other way around! BTC to STEEM :p


Hello @cardboard, we're developing that process, you will be able to exchange BTC to STEEM soon.

You can joing our Discord

This is cool although I'm trying to accumulate more Steem, not get rid of it

Con quien puedo hablar sobre un problema con una transferencia?


¡Saludos @manustrange! Su orden fue procesada hace 3 horas a BNC desde Mercantil, amigo. Ante cualquier duda puede contactarnos por Discord.


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This could also be the best way, as well as being a solution needs to be supported by a large community so that its growth is increasingly growing.

How about LN support?

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What about blocktrades tho? 🤔

If you make a direct comparison, @orinoco have lower fees (they themselves indicate that they do not charge transaction fees)

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For LocalBitcoin users instantly
If your wallet is from LocalBitcoin your order will be executed instantly and you will save the commission to receive

Uhm, I have a doubt @orinoco!! ¿How is that that we will escape to pay the usual commission charged by localbitcoins to receive satoshis in the wallet of our accounts using their platform? ¿How that exactly works?

On other hand, yeah! I second the idea of @cardboard. Please, let us know when you have BTC to STEEM services ready to go. :)


Hello @por500bolos, thanks for your question. Sabemos que hablas español, así que no forces el inglés del Colibrí, jejejeje. Si amigo, nuestra plataforma se desarrolló con el objetivo de que no se cobre ninguna comisión por recibir en billeteras de LocalBitcoin. Te invitamos a probar nuestro nuevo servicio en http://orinoco.io/. https://discord.gg/MGCPyjf

Maravilloso hermanos!! Entonces, continuen a paso firme con la indetenible evolución y desarrollo de vuestro proyecto con novedosos y excelentes servicios para toda la comunidad y en especial para la nuestra en Vzla. :)

Me mantendré atento a vuestros próximos anuncios y espero muy pronto probar también éstos nuevos servicios para tratar de convertir nuestros humildes churupitos de un lao pal otro. Jajajaja ;)

Un abrazo!!

Soon they will have STEEM to ETH, Still waiting for the constantinople!

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Great project!.............I hope to write more about this project on my steemit blog if you are done with the production.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @ hardaeborla

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