Finally Reached 500 STEEM Power! Next Stop 1000 & Beyond!!

in steem •  last year

What up fellow Steemians!

With the market being down I decided it was a good opportunity to load up on some more STEEM. Yesterday I caught some at around $3.30 on the Binance exchange. In my opinion the STEEM token is a great buy (for quick profits) anywhere under $5.

I'm in it for the long haul so I would be adding to my position regardless, but now is a great time to buy. Based on coin scarcity, community, and use case STEEM is by far the most undervalued cryptocurrency on the market.

After my buy I noticed that by powering up I could surpass one of my short-term goals on SteemIt...reaching 500 STEEM Power! To some this may not be a big deal but it was a goal I set a few months ago. Looking back, I would of reached it a lot sooner but I was doing a lot of altcoin shopping and diversifying. So I kept some on Binance for trading and sent the rest to my wallet to Power Up.

Looking back going all in on SteemIt would have been a lot more profitable but you win some and you lose some.

For this quarter my plan is to secure profits from my other altcoins by buying STEEM (whenever it's under $5). Can't really think of a safer investment in crypto for the 1st quarter, not even BTC.

1,000 STEEM Power here I come!!!

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Good work achieving your goal my guy. I’ve started adding to my position as well and the only way to go from here is up!


U already know it!

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Congrats cuzzo, well deserved as we've been @ it for quite some time now! I must admit I slept on the power of the space as well a little but definitely a great feeling to see you prosper. Full Steem Ahead maneDQmWfKtVKBAXX3QcHFd2ZzDqCEGyZTfgTCDKTP7QWkk2LvM.gif


Preciate it cuzo! It has indeed been a long time coming!!

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Been pumpin since day 1. STEEM it up bruv

Very cool..and I agree "looking back" if I had invested in Steem...
it is what it is..
Hope you and lil familia doing bless*


Preciate it sis!!
Yea all is well
Bless up

Congratulations on your milestone, I hope you get to 1000X soon!


Thanks for the support bro! Im definitely making it a priority

Congratulations on your achievement i hope i can get as much you are getting now :) Steem on my friend :D


Preciate it! You'll get there...

Congrats bro. To the future!


Preciate the love

Congratulations on reaching 500sp. Hope it doesn't take long for you to reach your next goal.


Thanks a million


Coming for you!!!