Steempunks v0.13 released: analytics and statistics for Steem blockchain

in steem •  last year

I've added a Top 50 posts by payout page to the Steempunks analytics dashboard

About the data

  • To keep the rating fresh only posts that were created in the last 48h are included
  • Comments are not included
  • The column SBD + SP is equal to the nominal SBD payout for the post, including SP, liquid SBD and curators' rewards
  • The column SBD in USD is equal to projected SBD payout in USD (price is today's volume weighted average price for SBD) calculated using the following formula: (pending_payout_value)*0.75/2
  • Top posts page is updated every few hours

Feature requests and feedback are always welcome!


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Great job keep it up

nice post keep it up

amazing job dude may you get success day by day keep it up nice information


Thanks! :)

"Average daily comments per post" is also titled "Average votes per post." It is the 7th chart.

Good content!


Thanks for the report, @geekorner! Fixed in new release :)

Thanks for great project.

I think it could be nice to have most popular posts by longer time ranges, like weekly, monthly etc.