Steempunks v0.12 released: analytics and statistics for Steem blockchain

in steem •  last year

I've just released an update for Steempunks analytics app for Steem blockchain. Steempunks' tech stack was updated from Typescript / React / Mobx / Postgrest / PostgreSQL to JavaScript / React / Redux / Graphql / Phoenix / PostgreSQL.

I expect that this new stack will enable rapid development of new features and will increase reliability of the app. At last I'm nearly fully satisfied with tech stack and do not plan to change it, at least for a year :) Though if the application becomes more complex, I may have to return to TypeScript, but so far its usage hasn't been justified (mainly due to the discrepancy between the library type definition files and the libraries themselves).



All charts now start from zero. During high volatility, this will improve intuitive at-a-glance understanding of changes. In accordance with the best practices of data visualization, I've switched linecharts for barcharts.

I also switched to a new, more harmonious color scheme and plan to introduce a dark theme soon.


  • Top posts with various facets
  • Top accounts with various facets
  • Personal statistics
  • Winners & Losers
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Awesome work! I've re-steemed!

All Steemians should support Steem Dev as much as they can.


Thanks @teamsteem for the resteem/reblog

Looks great keep up the developments rolling, it looks great on the first look and sadly I can't check out the code nor would I understand it for the most part so do your stuff I can't imagine coding up in so many languages :D

also I will follow you for some more updates and please keep me posted, good developers here are needed :)

Great work. Always good to see data hitting the light!

Can I ask what's your definition for active authors?

Awesome job. I found about you from the advanced Steem metric reports. I'm also a big fan of React and data viz.

I really liked the charts on those reports, specially the transparent background. Did you use the same tools to graph the charts on steempunks?

Keep up the good work!