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Hello STEEM community!

We would like to do a quick recap about!

Let's get to it. General Features List

We'd like to quickly remind existing users and introduce to new users our current features. Cryptocurrency Swap offers the simplest and fastest way to convert crypto without any hassle. We offer extremely competitive rates on quick crypto swaps. has over 140 cryptocurrencies with new ones being added on a regular basis! Multi-Transaction Function has a cool feature that enables users to make multiple exchanges from one page! Just bookmark your page or save the URL and you can always come back and make more transactions as well! You can have multiple cards with multiple transactions on each card. Exchange Widget offers an easy-to-integrate widget! Do you want to offer cryptocurrency exchanges on your website? A simple copy-paste of the code provided on the OneBox Exchange Widget page will get the job done!

Check Transaction On Explorer

Click the little square button beside your transaction status to be taken to the relevant explorer so you can view your transaction!

Social Share

Do you have a cryptocurrency or blockchain project you support? You want to show your followers on various social media that you just bought some of your favorite crypto on

Our social media buttons appear once a transaction is progressing, enabling you to quickly share your transaction on social media. No amounts or specifics are revealed, just what cryptocurrency or altcoin you are getting!

Thank You STEEM Community! is extremely pleased with this community and are actively participating in it, as well as looking forward to growing together with all of you!

Have a great week everyone and thank you for reading!

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Nice alternative.

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We strive to build the simplest interface with great rates. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the STEEM community and hope to hear more. We appreciate any criticism that could help us improve further as well!

Exciting news and many new exchanges that is building around Steem lately!

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STEEM is getting closer and closer to becoming a mainstream social media outlet. Adoption will only continue to grow!

I am very loyal toward this blockchain and I have a lot of gratitude to be here!

Man, have we got a lot of exchanges!

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The more competitive the landscape, the better the service :)

Is this one based on STEEM or just listing STEEM?

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At we have fully integrated STEEM.

So, although it is not a STEEM dApp, STEEM is one of our core assets.

This means it is one of the few special assets that are available for both incoming and outgoing transactions.

We are fairly active on Steemit and see STEEM as a huge player in the future of blockchain and social media!

Highly rEsteemed!

Hello sir, i hope all is going well!
I just made a mistake while using your site for a steem to trx exchange. Instead of sending 13 steem, ai have sent 3 steem and it is sowing below minimum. I sent steem from this account @mango-juice.
Please help me recover that 3 steem, that will be very helpful for me.
Waiting for your reply

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Really great write up, will check it out!

Thanks! We are continuing to add features while maintaining a simple interface. If you have a chance to use us please let us know if you have any feedback @scottcbusiness.

I guess the more platforms, the better for the cryto space.

Wait for the market to heat up, OnePageX will go up!

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Indeed, thanks!

By the way, we sent you a memo, please take a look.

Hello onepagex, I tried to make an exchange today for 14.92 steem to ETH, I have sent you the money but you did not give me ETH, please immediately refund my steem.

Here is the screenshot


@onepagex, where are your please respond fast, I need my steem back.


Please sir @onepagex, I am a plankton level steemian, so for me 14.92 steem is a very big amount and I have also an ongoing loan, please return my money sir. Please reply at least. I am really nervous now.

Hi. Rest assured we will look into it and get back to you asap! For future reference, please contact us via live chat or email for a faster response.

The transaction has been processed :)

Best Steem game!

Good day @onepagex! I have a question about your transaction widget. As I know not only your exchange has widget as example Coingecko cryptocurrency aggregator. But is difference between yours widget and let's say Coingecko sybe widget? What benefits?

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Our widget enables the exchange of cryptocurrency, not display of statistics, etc. Let me know if I misunderstood your question.

Excuse me for late answer. But as I know Coingecko widget also allows to swap cryptocurrency on ERC 20. That's why I asked this question. I want to understand difference between your widget and that widget of Coingecko.

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thanks for sharing. I will resteem

Good day @onepagex! I have a question about your transaction widget. As I know not only your exchange has widget as example Coingecko cry

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Hi there I have two transaction stucked due to below minimum from Steem to TRX (one of them is 19 Steem, don't understand why it is below minimum). Could you take a look at it and process or refund? Had sent an email but no response yet.

Hello @onepagex
As I can see there is n option for DOGE coin.
What are you plan for same (will you add the DOGE coin in future?)

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Hello I just tried exchange 39.7 STEEM for XRP but why the exchange is stuck mid way. It is showing status as processing withdrawal from last 20 mins.


See if it not a successful one then please return my STEEM, I may also loose significantly if you process it later. SO better make the refund of STEEM. A lot of friction with Onepagex, not a good experience.

Thanks for the successfull transaction! 205 steem

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Hey this is awesome. Going to give it a try with a little Steem.

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