SAMSUNG accepts now S T E E M

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Seven cryptos been honored

Today I came across an interesting message in several crypto-news portals, that SAMSUNG is starting to accept Bitcoin (and other cryptos) in three Baltic Republic markets, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. I found it very interesting, and start looking into our local media channels, first of all - on Internet. However not even one word on this could be found anywhere.
I checked local payment processor COPPAY, and indeed 3 Samsung stores in Vilnius are already listed as their clients

Then I went to, their Lithuanian site, and again - not even one word. This made the intrique even higher. False rumor, or true?
Several international portals however were quite certain on this:

Next (even today is Sunday), I have made personally a phone calls to local Samsung shops in Vilnius, and was able to get a verbal confirmation, that all is true, I can come any moment, and they will accept my payment for any possible product in Bitcoin. Woo-hoooo!
Not only Bitcoin core (BTC) is honored, but also Dash (DASH), NEM (XEM), Steem (STEEM) ( !!!), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH).

Did you hear it? Even STEEM !

In Vilnius Samsung stores are located in major shopping malls:

  • Prekybos centras "Akropolis", Ozo g. 25/I aukštas,LT-08217 Vilnius
  • Prekybos centras "Ozas", Ozo g. 18/II aukštas, LT-08243 Vilnius
  • Prekybos centras "Panorama", Saltoniškių g. 9/II aukštas, LT-08105 Vilnius
    Image source
    Probably a bit more wait is needed for those living in Kaunas, but most likelly they will accept cryptos there too
  • Prekybos centras "Akropolis", Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49/I aukštas, LT-44333 Kaunas
  • Prekybos centras "Mega", Islandijos pl. 32/I aukštas, LV-44001 Kaunas

So as final line, I thing this is quite a good sign to see a global giant like Samsung stepping into crypto markets.

Finally, with help of, I have found that Samsung has a message out as well , but obviously not yet in localized interned sites.
I cant wait to see them extending this initiative to their online-shops and to other, much bigger markets.

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This is good news for steemit. Good days are coming.

Awesome news, restemeed!


Thanks for resteem, @jwolf

Great to see. Resteemed!!!

Hmm.. Now its being reported this story about Samsung is NOT true?


Well, looks like you are right. This is what I got in the mail this morning:

Dear Viktoras,
Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, today in media published articles wasn’t official Samsung announcement and the rumor is not true as we currently do not have any crypto and blockchain payments methods in our stores. As soon as it will be possible, we definitely will inform our clients.
If you have more questions, feel free to call or write us an email.
Have a nice day!

Samsung Electronics Baltics customer service department

read more here

Wow, great news, resteemed! Cheers

Wow that is indeed one of the best news that I have heard in a long time about Steem :)

Soon enough it sure will develop all across the world :)

Steem On everyone !

This just keeps me motivated to just hodl my steem power and blog.
Wait for a day when 1steem is 100$ then i will buy a new smartphone :)

Very good detail.

just ah perfect click!!

Great news!

@onealfa thank you for this great news .. It will b usefull for all steem users

, I can come any moment, and they will accept my payment for any possible product in Bitcoin. Woo-hoooo!

Great post

Great news about this

Wow...a steem too... I did not know this... but now I see... I am from Estonia and I try soon see how it works. Cool :))

Really excellent news wow

Good post....@onealfa
Thanks for sharing.

thats great for all but specially for steem

they doing a good work....its really benifiteble for us

Oh wow! I guess those S. Korea steemit users make a huge impact! Very cool! I hope, i'll have enough steems when it's time to upgrade my samsung gear and phone :)

Congratulations!! And I envy you. I want to buy it myself.

Thank you for sharing. It is one more building block step for global blockchain integration and acceptance...

Thats Preetty Cool news

Good news. Resteemed.

Your articles very useful and helpful

Excellent news! :)

This is just mind blowing update today we all got to know about :D

@onealfa - Sir it's a big news... Specially the news of STEEM... The world is recognizing the power of this wonderful currency Sir...


This is great news! Though I'd hope to see SBD, Steem's meant-to-be-stable currency used for this purpose. Read my comment here for why:

Hai @onealfa

very good information. thank you for sharing in this community.

Thanks for sharing great news, upvoted and resteemed!

This is amazing news for cryptos as a whole and for STEEM in particular. It paves the road towards wider public adoption.

Let's go. To the moon!

Wait that is an amazing news specially they accepting Steem too that is great news for us thanks for this great share.

Nice blog ,really appriciated ,dear you are a great guy with dashing personality ,you always come with different kind of ideas and news,i am a big fan of you ,i want to become like you ,what i have to done ,one more thing i want to know ,where you get different kind of ideas and how much time you spend for preparing a blog please tell me ,i am wating for your answer ,its reaaly motivating me thanx and keep supporting me

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Wow this us good news . Thanks for sharing

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