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I think there should be a discussion about why people who write, but also simple users and companies, prefer instead of Steem. I believe some of the reasons are Medium looks more professional and there is almost no spam. Why do you think this is happening?

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just stop it .. fake steemian.. steemit is more professional than medium... note it

Yeah right. Answering like this, you just proved my point. You are an old user with 63 reputation, yet you react like this to a minnow who just tried start a conversation so we can understand and get back to Steem people going to Medium. Anyway, your response was very... 'professional'.

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Indeed👦, Medium looks pretty professional, but it's not really for everyone ...or maybe i see this wrong at this point
The Steemit platform remains an interesting combination that is still growing and is free for everyone🌍. Maybe in the near future we will get rid of spam 👻 and maybe new interesting features will be implemented☺ to be more attractive to others. Good luck and take care of your valuable time.👦

Medium feed like most social media feeds have better algorithm to show us more attractive feeds. STEEM feeds including the trending ones shows the feeds with most payment. So we end up with some low quality post paid with bid bots to make it trending.

Medium have more users and I knew some that just shitpost, but the centralized algorithm in Medium makes the feed clean enough so we can only see high quality post.

IMHO STEEM needs a new DApp like an interface to show good feeds so it can look as attractive as other social media.

I understood that Steem is relatively new, just 3 years old compared to other social media platforms which are more than a decade old. Steemit is not steem, it is a blockchain that can function more than just doing monetary transaction.

Why I still use this? Well preciously I had use Twitter for decades, gamed the algorithm to have tens of thousands of followers. Well you can game STEEM too. I have been in STEEM more than a year, but only profitted in the last 3 months.

I don't know how to game the Medium algorithm to gain viewers, but I hell know how Twitter and Steem works. You can do it too. Just need more digging and googling.

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