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If I can add something - I made a post here Skyrocketing the price of Steem

Something I wish to highlight is the fact that since there's more advantage to Steem in a 3rd world country, it's going to compound.

If I work 1 hour on a post, minimum wage here big 11, and cost of living requiring 3x minimum to live in my city; I have to make 33 hour to just maintain my lower middle class lifestyle with 3 kids. If I made 5 dollars less an hour, I'd qualify for an emergency social welfare check. I would be considered, below the poverty line.

Now my aunt in the Philippines makes $10/day usd, and is living a better actual quality of life than I am. $1usd (.5 sbd) per post is a totally reasonable use of her time. So what happens?

She signs up 100 people and they all do what they do and don't power up and cash out every Friday.

I do what I do, take a mild loss for some intrinsic value, power up so I can give with nothing in return, with no ability to cash out without losing that influence to give.

And anyone I sign up, quickly realizes they can meet their needs on Facebook, Tether, and at work like normal people.


Then when the occasional westerner does stay, they are met at every angle with pressure to do what's best for steem, or not do what's best to maintain their own stake. And as guilty privileged westerners, we comply.

And we wonder WHY the social and content dynamic is what it is, and why the cost of steem is shit? Doesn't seem like rocket science.


updooted this from the bottom. hope to get some feedback

Living in the Philippines, I must add that quality of life there is very subjective. For me to have a better quality of life than I had living in the USA, it takes a little more than $10 per day. For the many who can live well on $10 per day, I commend them... although they do not have much to compare their lives with. I got my nephew on Steemit and after 3 weeks, he realized he was not going to get rich quick and his focus shifted elswhere and went to Manila for a real job.