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Lassa fever is here again! We tackled it a while ago but, unfortunately, it is here once again wreaking havoc as it will (OMG!!).I have, therefore, decided to send this lesson as a reminder of all we learned before. Let's pay attention. It just might save someone.

Listed below are a few extremely important points we should take note of:

  • Cover all food items in strong plastic buckets/bowls (strong ones please, as some rats have gone for training and can now eat through plastic.


  • Food needs to be cooked up to 56degrees celsius for at least 30minutes to kill the virus (cooking thermometers, as shown below, would help here.

image (2).jpeg

  • Wear gloves and face masks when cleaning the house if you have rats within so you do not inhale bit sized particles of their faeces
  • Please do not try to identify the multimammate rat that spreads lassa fever, as some patients have asked! Just guard against rats altogether. Asides spreading Lassa Fever, they are quite unsanitary and give some nasty diarrhoea so let's work to ERADICATE rats!


  • Wash your utensils and plates before using them if exposed where rats can reach them easily


Initial symptoms are similar to other febrile illnesses so PLEASE ensure that you don't take things for granted when anyone exhibits

The virus stays in human urine and faeces up to 3-9 weeks after the initial infection and up to 3 months in semen.
Let's protect ourselves and loved ones from this scourge, especially in Nigeria where rats are prevalent.

please be wise as everyone can be affected, both the rich and poor, male and female, young and old, white and black e.t.c