BLANK PANTHER : My observation on african perspective

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Okay I just had to make this thread with my free time, to address this issue. Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of black panther ever since I fist saw him in one of the Marvel comics I bought in my early high school days. I was absolutely hyped when I saw him in Avengers civil war. So when they announced 2 years ago, that they were making a movie solely for him. . . You could understand my excitement. However, my excitement has now become absolute detest for the whole thing with the sheer and willful exhibition of absolute IGNORANCE and stupidity by Africans regarding this movie. I get it, a whole lot of you want to behave and even be black Americans but we should realize, just because they do somethings and act a certain (dumb) way doesn't mean we should act that way too, after-all nobody made them the gold standard. I hear people saying victory for Africa, black power, black excellence, Finally, we did it! . . . Simply because of this movie based on FICTION. FICTION being the key word here. If it were Amadioha, Sango or some other arguably mythical being... or maybe Shaka Zulu or Pharaoh Taharka that would have been a different case and an acknowledgement of Africa's history. I can't tell you just how repulsed I am but this should sum it up and show you guys SCREAMING black power just how stupid you are.

1, The movie is based on FICTION : Getting emotional over it, is equivalent to when you felt bad as a child because hulk hogan lost a fight.

2, There was no original African music in the album : Highlife,Afrobeat,9ja contemporary,hiplife, kwaito,Soukous whatever! Just black Amerian music.

3, I don't remember seeing white people wearing greek Togas, Spartan capes, Roman togas or Viking helmets, hammers and battle axes when 300, Thor, Alexander the great movies were made. Shouting white power upanddan. Let alone a movie that is based on a fictional character from a place called Wakanda. So why are we going "BLACK POWER, BLACK EXCELLENCE, VICTORY FOR AFRICA" crazy?

4, Captain America is American,Bucky Barnes is American, Red Skull is German, Tony Stark is American, WHERE THE Bleep IS WAKANDA?!

5, What impact will this movie have on Africa in any way possible? Please somebody tell me because I just feel angry and embarassed by the ongoing foolery.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is a great movie and people should go out and see it, but screaming black power and wearing African attire and playing drums. . . come on, you guys are just epitomizing stupidity.


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