The "old city" has now understood the meaning of a work.

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" All There is a Wisdom "

Every region in the world has a title to the "old town" yaity area. Then the old city is often visited by tourists both foreign and local.

This old town made an inspiration for me to give birth to a steemit account name under the name "old town". When this account is active and I can use pleasure to envelop my feelings. Because a target has been made and I have his name in this steemit.

Formerly I did not really understand about the mechanics that must be done and done with this account. Now thankfully I have been able and understanding and not too much about using this steemit. At least can avoid from plagiarism activities.

Valuable experience that I can quote from my reputation that decreased dramatically. That is how expensive a work of others. As well as my work is entitled and must respect the work. In order for me and others not to use the master's work without including the source address of the original work.

He continued, one thing that I still do not understand is "what is the intent of spam ...?" and "how did the spam happen ...?" I do not yet have a precise and accurate answer.

** Simply confusing, there is a claim that spam occurs because of the following. **

  1. Due to comments or short postings.
  2. Because of repeating the same post and comment as much as a certain limit. Either 6 times or 9 or 16 of this he I have forgotten.
  3. Because telling others to melakulan Vote posting
  4. Submitting a pishing link. Well if this is fair. Due to troubling many user accounts in steemit.
  5. He said, sending money to a particular account can result in Spam as well. Even if it works together.
  6. He said, Vote over the same account within a certain time frame is also the same. So whether using @steemdunk can be detected spam as well? In fact, the purpose of obtaining qurasi from posting linked. This is what I do not know.
  • May be ditanyakam to the more mengeti. Like the generals of steemit*

** While the plagiarism is as follows. **

  1. Does not include links, addresses, Source, from the original source. This means we use the work of others as if it was the work itself.

Here is my grievance, my experience using an "old town" account in this steemit.

Thank you for reading and visiting.
The answer to the uncertainty that haunts me is always waiting for me.


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