Hey, @oldtimer.

Interesting. I wondered if that might be the case. Getting some push back maybe? Can we hope for this actually misfiring? :)

Yeah, Binance cancelled due to pushback, which surprised me as they have pretty close ties to Sun.

I was with you on voicing disagreement with the soft fork, I switched my votes to the couple witnesses that stood against it etc. But I just read Justin Sun's twitter announcements and it's such a load of bullshit I'm just completely against him now.

I completely understand that from his position he would disagree with the actions taken by the witnesses, and if he voiced that in a reasoned and rational manner, even forcefully stating that he unfroze his stake because he will not have it used as a bargaining chip in talks with the witnesses... I get it.

But he's attempting to control the narrative by classifying this as a hack by a few malicious individuals who threatened to nullify the entire Steem network... but the community united and solved the difficulties!

Of course the truth is the hack was in fact the result of much discussion by 20+ individuals elected by 10,000+ individual voters; while his community uniting counter hack is comprised of only one individual. He couldn't even be troubled to find 20 legit witnesses who agreed with him, and just spun up 20 sock puppets.

I don't see any way he'll return voting power to the community as he's promising. It'll be a facade that's somehow stacked in his favor. He'll code in all the protections to retain control while he holds all the witness spots. However, with the resignations of some senior Steemit Inc. developers, I honestly think we're going to be in for some chain freezes and bugs as they try to force through these alterations on a limited timeframe with developers not fully familiar with the inner workings of Steem.

Hey, @bryan-imhoff.

It's a big mess now, no matter how you look at it. :)

I'm feeling it most for the Steemit folks who feel caught in the crossfire along with most of the rest of us stakeholders on the chain.

Sun is Sun. We're getting a firsthand look at his true colors. When the chips are down, he will fight back, and he will win at all costs. The only way to combat that is to have our own connections, dollars and PR arm. Or, someone takes pity and comes to our rescue.

As of the moment, we've got none of that. If we did, we wouldn't be here now.

And in my opinion, it's a lot easier to get and maintain sympathy from the rest of cryptodom if you're not the one making the first move.

Even if it was dead on arrival, we had an opportunity to at least try to appeal to Sun's seemingly insatiable desire to make money by showing the value of a truly decentralized STEEM. There was at least a plan to do that from the Steemit team.

re: Binance

I'm also a bit surprised that Binance would be the one to bow out first, since they're supposed to be TRON's highest ranking super representative, right?

Well, they only had to take over permanently to remove the soft-fork.
After that the votes from Steemit inc would do the trick.