Happy Birthday

in steem •  last month 

I just can't pass this one.

My journey so far.

Keep grinding, my friends.

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happy birthday

Happy Birthday Old Timer.

Thank you very much.

  ·  last month (edited)

Happy birth for steem work ....


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Happy Birthday @oldtimer! Cheers !!!

Happy Birthday @oldtimer ...!BEER & !COFFEEA

Happy Birthday 🎉 🍻 @oldtimer! And many more! :-)

Happy birthday sir @oldtimer. Hope more year increase and we still here for steem future. God bless you.

I’m celebrating my two years! Awesome :) Steem on @oldtimer!

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You're starting to live up to that name of yours!

Congratulations on the three year mark, I have almost made it one year, the next year looks to be interesting.

Ah now I know why I had the feeling to give your profile a visit.
Congrats dear @oldtimer.
Resteemed :-)

Happy Birthday @oldtimer I think the ratio of Steem years to human years is 7:1. So happy 21st!

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Happy Birthday! I hope you celebrate many more years here.

3 years is a lot in crypto space, congrats and Steem on :)

Happy birthday and many more!

@oldtimer, Congratulations for your huge achievement in steem blockchain.
3 years means lot.

Happy Birthday @oldtimer .... Long live the king of steem.

Happy birthday @oldtimer! Congratulations on your Steemit achievements. I wish you all the happiness, success, and joy in life.

Hi, @oldtimer!

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Happy New Year you old fart!!!


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Happy Birthday @oldtimer it will be interesting to see where we are with steem in the next 3 years. Congratulations, Well done.

It looks like August 2016 was the month with the most members joining ever, I joined on the 5th nearly at midnight. Anyway congratulations.

Happy Birthday, @oldtimer!!! Sorry, I am late to the party! I hope you saved me a piece of cake!!

Or an acorn or something!!! ;)

It has been a journey, hasn't it? Let's hope for more of the good times, even if they are different. Life goes on. Le sigh.


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Happy Birthday, oldtimer! We must HODL our beloved STEEM tokens with all our hearts! Upvoted!

You have a birthday and then run away @oldtimer??? Where did you go to now?

Nice - Happy 3rd birthday @oldtimer

3 years, wow. you are an oldtimer in steem years 😀

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