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RE: Glasnost v0.5 released: categories and tags whitelist/blacklist - publish your Steem blog on your own domain

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i really do not understand the terms you used here. however, i'll take my time to read it again. but i have a question, why do very nice posts get very few votes? I did a test post and got so much votes, now I've taken my time to write great piece,I'm not getting any vote. This is discouraging.


you will get upvotes and amazing feedback over time. i think timing of when you post matters too.

Thanks for your reply. what's the best time to post? in GMT please

It's a fairly moving target, and depends on your number of followers and audience somewhat, but morning on the US East Coast is generally a good time. So, 12:00:00 - 12:30:00 GMT would be my guess. But again, it really depends on your audience, and how long you've been around, how engaged you are, etc. Good luck!