My Son’s Xbox Forza Horizon Steem Lambo... Free Steem Advertising to Millions

in steem •  2 months ago  (edited)

My Son plays Xbox Live with a few million people and he decided to make some Steem cars ...

My favorite is his Steem Lambo.... so all the People he plays against see his Steem Logo and ask him about it. Too bad he can’t earn Steem Rererral rewards eh.




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I like it!

Might have to do the same with my 22C...

That’s sweet! Hopefully he can have one in real life one day ;)

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Pretty cool Steem Lambo...!!!
Your son likes fast cars.. I'm thinking his dad does too..!!
It would be great if your son could earn Steem Rererral rewards..!

He is earning a little Steem from his posts but not much.

Sweet car. Probably the only STEEM lambo we'll see for a long time but he can earn referral rewards if he sends them through They pay in steem for new accounts bought if he's interested.

What's his user name on STEEM?