The run on Steem, has it already begun?

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At the internal market there is a clear rise in the market price of Steem. Is this already the way up that has been expected to happen after the economic measurements? Or has it to do with the recent monetize suggestions? And while I was busy with some other stuff, it hit me.

If there are going to be about one tenth or less Steem Power rewards for holding SP, then now would be the time to grow it. For my share of Streem Power that I hold I get about 21 SP 'dividend'. That gets me to the next full 'K' before sunday.

But... That is going to drop after the 29th of november 2016. Even a growth of 2 SP 'dividend' per day would become difficult. Still, no problem, because the value of Steem would go up. The value of this account may be worth tenfold after a while. Therefore the value growth per day would be about the same, right?

Why then could there be a run on Steem soon? Well, and this is with a speculation warning, Steem now being relatively cheap, means buy low, right? And if this starts to hit off then waiting until the 29th could become an expensive buy.

This looks logical. From the 30th of november there will not be easy SP growth, due to the inflation drop to 9.6℅, which is quite big. So, to get an extra growth buying Steem now, while at a relative low price, seems to make sense

That could explain the current rise in the Steem market price: "Get it while it's cheap!" But, the problem with markets is that they are hard to predict, if not impossible. It is a gamble, even if logic would state that a ten fold lowering of Steem inflation could give the price quite a boost

And where I first thought that would only begin after the hardfork was implemented by the witnesses, it now makes sense that it already has begun. And where it will take us, who will know, it is still speculation in essence.

So, time for me to put my crystal ball aside and watch the Steem future as it unfolds.

Have a good one!

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Get it while it is cheap now, but after there may be some big sells for those people who just engaged in the process to milk the current change. People should be careful after the switch over and if they believe is a good long term hold then they should not panic and sell once prices drop again (which I feel they will). This is al about clearing the speculators and establishing a new system that may or may not work. It also is about people creating new good content and a new positive vibe on the site. None of this is going to be easy, but if you think in pure numbers it is not hard to imagine under the right circumstances that Steem could go from about 12 cents today to 60 cents in a year- a 5 bagger! It could also go to .6 cents. Anyway WE control the content and thus a major aspect of the tone/vibe of the site. Here is my latest contribution:


There is speculation involved and the content can indeed make a difference. Panic sells are hard to control. Hopefully it will all go well.

Lots of ideas for the future of Steem, there is activity, it will attract attention.

Thank you for sharing your post link. Will check it out later.

The high interest rate, was to compensate for inflation. In the new system there'll be significantly less inflation and thus the need for interest as compensation is greatly reduced. You'll get much less interest, but your Steem won't be losing value like it did before.

I think this is a great change, and I've doubled my investment in Steem, because I think it will stop the endless drop in the value of Steem, and likely even make it go up again.


That summerizes it nicely. And I'm okay with it. While until the 29th I still see my SP grow rapidly.

It seems that already the price is picking up. Get it while it is still a fraction of what it could become, could trigger a boost the coming 10 days.

Hard to predict, we'll know in a few days.


Get it while it is still a fraction of what it could become, could trigger a boost the coming 10 days.

Exactly what I think! Possibly the last chance to buy at these low prices.


{NL} Nederlandse handelsgeest? ;-)

When you look at the internal market the up trend is close to crossing 0.14 at any moment now. While America did not wake up yet. Once they start buying...

Exciting times ahead!

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