Vlog: Steem price movement

in #steem10 months ago

I am happy to see that the Steem price per coin has been moving upward lately. The HODLer in me, or just the inertia of not knowing how to move the coins to an exchange to trade, has been rewarded with the higher price from the bottom of the pit. We haven't gone back to the value of the initial investment, but I remain hopeful that we will be able to breakeven and go into positive territory over time. Combined the Steem coins with the HIVE airdropped coins and it's not too shabby of a position.

Is there any innovation with the project that we can look into? There appear to be other players who want to move into the social media space. Competition is good, but most likely only for the victor due to the network effect.

Overall, just want to record my feeling of hopefulness for the project.

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