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Steem's Value vs Newbies's Resources Credits (RC)

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thank @crypto.piotr for the link of this amazing post and also hats off to you @juanmolina

I would also like to share my thought on this topic. Recently, I'm unable to spend my time here because of the workload.
I came here last year I think in June. I was really impressed by the community. Actually, in the start, I was unable to gather the audience and put a lot of effort then started using bots for voting me. Although I was impressed but I was also thinking about making money from this platform and it was my mistake. because the main purpose of such a platform is to socialize. and then to create a community of like-minded people so that you all could move towards the same goal with the help of each other. Because of the money making thoughts I invested all in steems as a student (70,000 pkr). Then it started going down and down. I was worried in the start. But then I thought I can't do anything about it so just enjoy the moment. Then I started playing steemmonsters and also contributed in although I didn't even know how to code because of the positive thinking I started to learn new things. Then I encountered @crypto.piotr and my engagment was increased. It's almost a month i couldn't do well here because of my university projects. Literally speaking I don't think of RC. But the main thing I really care now is "Whatever you do, just enjoy the process."
And soon i will be more engaged here than ever and I will also need help of you people. Hope so you'll also help me and guide me because in 5 months I'm going to graduate. and personally i think steem has great potential.

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Dear @numanbutt

I just had a pleasure to read this old comment. Just wanted to let you know. I appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts with us.

Did you perhaps consider using "enter" from time to time? To separate blocks of texts? It would make it much easier to read.