Opting out

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The days of one being born into the circumstances of a specific location are numbered.

In medieval times, one’s location of birth dictated social class, education, occupation and everything else about one’s life. Things have improved today, but the norm is still that location dictates one's life. I’m lucky to know many people that have transcended their birth location, but that is the exception rather than the norm.

Decentralized protocols that no one controls and anyone can use give people the ability to opt out of their inherited circumstances.

  • Live in a city with poor school systems? Use Coursera, Udemy, or the other online learning resources the Internet provides instead.

  • Live in a city that lacks mentors for the field you want to enter? Use email to connect with people you look up to instead.

  • Live in a country with poor monetary policy? Use Bitcoin instead.

Using decentralized protocols that no one controls is not the only way to opt out.

Look no further than the fact that over 40% of the United States is supporting Donald Trump for President. Trump's anti-establishment campaign offers US citizens a political opt out that has never been seen before in the United State.. Millions of people are supporting this political opt out despite the obvious racism, sexism, and xenophobia exuded by Trump over the years.

Offering people more chances to opt out is one of the core value props of public blockchains and as people continue to want to opt out of traditional organizations and services, use of decentralized protocols will flourish

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