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My Milk Post

by @NoNamesLeftToUse

Got milk?

That is a question some people ask other people. In the end, milk is what everyone wants, all day.

Some people put milk in their coffee. I prefer cream but I'm not allowed to talk about that because I won't get paid.

Some people put milk in their cereal. I'm one of those people and now that I've made that clear, I'll be able to afford more cereal, since I said milk again and that's how I get paid.

Did you know milk comes from cows?

Me too.

Anything with tits has milk but not all milk tastes good.

In conclusion:

Milk has calcium.

And that's why milk is good for you.

I hope you enjoyed my milk post and since that is what's so goddamn important these days, I'll be back in two hours with another post about milk. So make sure you have a nice warm glass of milk ready in two hours and I'll see you then my fellow milk lovers.



They took the bottle away from that kid a little too soon I'm thinking.

The real joke I was going to write here was far too inappropriate.

I haven't had milk in 20 years.

It's probably sour by now. Smell it first.

Aged yoghurt has the good bacteria

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What about young yogurt?

It's lacking in the hurt I like my yog to have..

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Better check that yogurts I.D., don't be hanging around under age yogurt : ) lol

That's a list nobody wants to be on.

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