Today I am going to talk about Steemit on Blockchain Łódź Meetup in Poland

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Please keep fingers crossed. I am next!


Link to live transmission on Facebook

I decided to go to Łódź (which is only 135 km away from Warsaw) to share there a knowledge about Steem and Stemit. This post was published during live demo, during presentation :)



Photo of @noisy in Blockchain Meetup Łódź posting information about Blockchain Meetup Łódź :)

Looks like an another great meetup!
Have fun!

Pozdrawiam Blockchain Meetup Łódź

Całe szczęście mamy przyjemność oglądać prezentacje na żywo!

Hi, thanks for your interesting post. Welcome to my blog @evgenya

Greetings from Gdansk. Just watching and upvoted!

Nice :) come to my country Indonesia

Miałem przyjemność usłyszeć to na żywo. Świetna dawka wiedzy dzięki i do zobaczenia!! :)

Czy to juz bylo, czy dopiero bedzie @noisy?

To już było. Można obejrzeć nagranie na facebooku

ok, dzieki...obejrze
widze, ze jest link

I know you my friend, and you are awesome, i know that. !! @ronaldmcatee

Pozdrawiam, niestety na żywo nie mogę oglądać ;D

Looks like it was a fun.

Ooo, za pozno sie skapnalem.

Great work! We hope more Polish people will use Steem and Steemit.