Do not Uric Acid Avoid .

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Guys Uric Acid The Pain of Joints Nowadays there is common hearing.
Often people over the age of 30 are struggling with this problem. It is caused by the breakdown of puracic acid in the body.
Which reaches the kidney from the blood circulation and goes out of the body through the urine. Many times, uric acid does not get out of the body due to some problems related to health,
which increases the amount in the body. Normal level of uric acid in the body of a healthy woman is 2.4-6.0 mg / dl and in men 3.4 - 7.0 mg / dl. It increases the volume of the body in the form of arthritis.
It is very important to identify and treat the symptoms at the right time.

Symptoms of uric acid

  1. Stretch in hands and feet
  2. Pain in joints
  3. Swelling in the organs
  4. Having trouble sitting and sitting
  5. Light-light prick in pairs

Methods of defense

  1. Many nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, calcium, proteins, iron etc. are present in nutrients which keep the health better. Urine acid control becomes empty after eating 2-3 tablets of empty stomach every morning.

  2. Mix the Ashwagandha powder in one spoon of honey. Then eat it with a light warm milk. There will also be a lot of benefit but keep in mind that at least keep it warm in the heat.

  3. On increasing uric acid, the body starts accumulating like a lump and spreads rapidly in the rest of the body. In this way mixing one spoon baking soda with 1 glass of water, the lumps created in the body begin to open and uric acid starts decreasing.

  4. Uric acid patients mostly have problems of arthritis. To protect this, remove the juice of empty stomach leaves in the morning and drink it. Keep in mind that after 2 hours of drinking juice do not eat anything else.

  5. Ajayan is beneficial for health, using celery in the daily meal reduces uric acid. In addition to the use in the food, take it along with water.

  6. Drink rosemary and apple juice daily. This increases the pH level of the body and remains in the uric acid control. Apart from these, carrot juice is also beneficial.

  7. Take as much water as it increases the uric acid in the body through the urine. Besides, consuming the right amount of water keeps energy in the body.

  8. Vitamin C is very beneficial in uric acid. Of course, lemon must be included in the diet. Besides, eat vitamin D-rich fruit.

  9. Fat due to obesity in the body is more accumulated. Thereby increasing the likelihood of increasing uric acid. So keep your weight in control but keep in mind that do not stay on dining, but try slowly, to lose weight.


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today i got good info about uric acid. your style of taking the verb before noun is catchy.