Community Poker: Hand 59 -=- WIN: 5 Steem (RIVER & WINNER)

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Congratulations to @hasbydiaz during a really boring week of poker. He hit a pair of aces for the win.

-=- Winner takes all -=-

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New Rules (Work in Progress)

  • Only one account per person is allowed. NO ALTS
  • Account must show a genuine and unique participation in the Steem community.
  • For Sign-Ups: Must "Request A Hand" or "Deal Me In" & Upvote
  • For Flop/Turn: Must "Call" & Upvote

** I will be monitoring accounts and adjusting the rules as we go.
** For Sign-Ups, any variation with the words "request", "deal" or "hand" are allowed.

Community Cards




@aerossone has K♠ and 5♣
@blog-beginner has 2♣ and 10♥
@chiki has 4♦ and 9♦
@chops316 has 7♥ and K♣
@gabriela24 has J♣ and 2♥
@gamesandcrypto has 4♦ and 2♥
@hasbydiaz has A♦ and 2♣
@koskl has 8♥ and Q♥
@microbanker has 7♠ and 9♣
@nancyka has 5♦ and K♠
@paradigm42 has 9♦ and 3♦

Folded Hands *

*Failed to upvote, comment or "folded". Contact me for corrections.


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Congrats @hasbydiaz. See everyone next week.

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