Community Omaha HiLo: Hand 27 -=- WIN: 5 Steem (RIVER & WINNER)

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No qualifying Lo hand this week but a terrific Hi hand by @davor27 . His two pair turned into a boat on the river. Better than turning water into wine amiright? Congratz and see you guys later this week.

-=- Who will go Hi and who will go Lo? -=-

Up to 5 Steem if both Hi and Lo hands qualify
Brought to you by Community Casino (@ccasino)


New Rule:
Hi hand offers 2.5 Steem and Lo offers 2.5 Steem for a total of 5 Steem. Hi hand winner(s) win/split 2.5 Steem no matter if there is a Lo hand or not.
  • Only one account per person is allowed. NO ALTS
  • Account must show a genuine and unique participation in the Steem community.
  • For Sign-Ups: Must "Request A Hand" or "Deal Me In" & Upvote
  • For Flop/Turn: Must "Call" & Upvote

** I will be monitoring accounts and adjusting the rules as we go.
** For Sign-Ups, any variation with the words "request", "deal" or "hand" are allowed.

Community Cards




@aerossone has 8♦ , 8♥, K♠ and A♠
@amr008 has 4♣ , 3♣, J♦ and Q♠
@blog-beginner has K♥ , 3♥, 2♣ and 10♥
@chiki has A♠ , 10♥, 3♠ and 8♦
@chops316 has J♠ , A♦, 4♣ and 7♥
@davor27 has 6♥ , A♥, 9♠ and 5♣
@dernierdiaz has 10♣ , 4♥, A♥ and J♠
@gabriela24 has 4♥ , Q♣, 5♥ and 9♥
@gamesandcrypto has 5♣ , J♥, K♠ and 4♣
@hasbydiaz has 5♥ , A♠, 10♠ and 5♣
@koskl has 4♥ , 5♣, 10♣ and 5♥
@microbanker has 6♦ , J♣, 5♠ and A♣
@paradigm42 has 7♦ , 4♣, 4♦ and A♠

Folded Hands *

*Failed to upvote, comment or "folded". Contact me for corrections.

Schedule Subject to Change

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@bethalea & @nicnas


Thanks @nicnas

Congrats Davor. See everyone next week.

Congrats @davor27 . It was my first time finishing the full play. Will be active from next for sure.

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I hope you continue to play. Thanks for joining us.

Sure. Do you organize contest apart from Omaha hi lo? I would love to participate in that too.

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This weeks will be regular (kinda) hold'em.

All right. Looking forward to it.. thanks for organising

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